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Lithia dealership finds success hiring salespeople from non-automotive backgrounds

"What we decided to do is to stop looking at resumes and stop looking for car people," says dealership General Manager Kevin Grant.

Auto patents decline in 2021 but need for innovation grows

The industry is hungry for new ideas and creative innovations right now, but last year brought 7% fewer automotive patents to the market.

Looking under the hood at Local Motors' demise amid autonomous-shuttle headwinds

Local Motors envisioned disrupting manufacturing with 3D printing and leading urban transportation with its self-driving Olli shuttles. Here's what company veterans said spelled trouble for the once-promising company.

The hood scoop will fade away in the EV era

As designers and engineers work to make EVs more energy efficient by improving aerodynamics, the scoop is no longer needed.

Highlights from the latest ‘Daily Drive' podcasts, Jan. 10-14

Highlights from the latest episodes of ‘Daily Drive', Automotive News' weekday podcast, Jan. 10-14, hosted by Jamie Butters.

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