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GM suspends work on Chevrolet Niva replacement

GM has suspended work on a planned replacement of its last remaining Russian-built vehicle, the Chevrolet Niva SUV. The Niva is built by Russia's AvtoVAZ.

Tesla reaches lithium deal with Chinese supplier

China's top producer of lithium, a metal used in electric-vehicle batteries, said it reached a deal with Tesla to supply the vehicle maker, highlighting the push for supply pacts.

Lincoln's answer to Cadillac's Super Cruise technology

Lincoln's new lane-centering technology, when combined with adaptive cruise control, is a similar, more affordable version of Cadillac's Super Cruise -- and should be marketed as such.

Summer rains in Japan cost Mazda 44,000 units, $249 million

Mazda said it lost 44,000 units of production, including some output of vehicles bound for the U.S., because of interruption from heavy rain this summer. The disruption will cost Mazda $249 million.

Tesla's management exodus continues with purchasing chief's departure

Tesla's purchasing chief is leaving the company, according to people familiar with the matter, as CEO Elon Musk struggles to contain an exodus of senior executives.