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Hyundai exec calls for caution in autonomous vehicle development

A Hyundai executive called for caution in the development of autonomous cars after an Uber self-driving vehicle struck and killed a woman in Arizona.

Daughter's digital digging helps mom make a deal

When Automotive News editor Sharon Silke Carty's mom in New Jersey sought help buying a car, she went online to see what she could do from Michigan.

Find a CPO hatchback online? Not so easy

A online search for the perfect CPO hatchback quickly turned into a technological nightmare, including accusations of attempted fraud.

Self-driving Uber in Arizona kills pedestrian

An Uber vehicle operating in autonomous mode in Tempe, Ariz., struck and killed a pedestrian crossing the street Sunday night. Uber has suspended pilots in all cities following the deadly accident.

Self-driving fatal likely to spur more scrutiny, finger-pointing

The fatal accident involving an Uber self-driving vehicle is the most significant involving autonomous-driving technology since a Tesla driver's death touched off months of finger-pointing.